• Directory listing under apache

    Some servers have a very strict web server configuration, where directory listing is not allowed. If you have no access to any configuration you that does not matter, you can simply add an .htaccess file into your directory you wish to have directory listing and write the following line into it.

    Options +Indexes

    That’s it.

  • RapidWeaver as an website editor tool

    About two month ago I bought the MacHeist Nano Bundle 2. I noticed the included RapidWeaver, but it was not the reason I bought that bundle, so I left it aside.

    Meanwhile I develop an iPhone game and wanted to setup a website for it. At this point I stumbled upon RapidWeaver and I must say, I love it. There are so much possibilities and tons of themes and plugins. And it’s so easy to create great looking sites for the web. Thats much better then hacking your code for a website in a simple editor or even eclipse.