Today I had to work on my linux server, which runs with Ubuntu 8.04 and is also my developer machine for some stuff. The first thing I didn’t wanted to miss was twitter. And as I got used to thwirl, it was my first job to set it up on Linux.

The first question that comes in mind is, is there an Adobe AIR for linux. Lucky me there is one at . So here we go and follow the button that says “Get ADOBE AIR” and we will be prompted for the right thing. Download the binary file and open up a console window.

In the console we go to the place where we downloaded the binary file and type in:
$ chmod u+x AdobeAIRInstaller.bin

This changes the mode for that file, so we can execute it. Now typing
$ ./AdobeAIRInstaller.bin

and we will be prompted to enter our password for a root privileged user to install Adobe AIR on the linux box.

Ok the first step is made to use Twitter with thwirl on linux. In the next step we install thwirl. Therefor we download the thwirl AIR application from . The rest is easy. We just have to install it after downloading with a double click.

This one is so hot, that even does not know that it works on linux too. So enjoy and follow me on Twitter @mayads.