• Google Tasks And To-Do List Going Mobile

    A couple of months ago, Google launched Tasks in the Google Mail Lab. Unfortunately, you couldn’t take those tasks with you and check them from your mobile phone. Well, now it’s possible and Google also added something special for iPhone and Android users. Those users get the ability to add, edit and delete items from within the mobile device.

    All you need is mentioned in a requirements list.

    You have to do is enable Tasks  in Google Mail Labs. If you do, you can view tasks, add new tasks, and also check them off as all taken care of. Any changes to Tasks you make via your mobile phone are reflected in your Google Mail account.

    You can watch a little Tutorial for the iPhone from googles youtube channel.


  • Could the next Android phone from HTC may look like this?

    The tech blog Gizmodo got a huge views today by publishing a story that shows purported images of the next Android phone from G1 maker HTC. The possible G2  is thinner and has no QWERTY keyboard.

    The lack of new Android phones being announced, such suggestion come all way long. With barely a rumor to sate our thirst for Android exclusives, CES was a bitter disappointment. No new phones were announced during the biggest gadget trade show in North America.

    But now we have some juicy spy shots to look at. The images show a phone  that looks very similar to the HTC G1, but has major differences.

    The phone is much thinner than the G1, because the slide-out QWERTY keyboard is gone. This is definitely a good thing. It keeps the track ball below the touch display, but re-arranges the buttons a bit. The back is smooth, and shows a 3.2 megapixel camera. The image that shows a screen shot reveals a home screen that is nearly identical to that of the G1.

    The pictures look like they could be legit, but you never know. You can see the pictures four yourself.

    Maybe we can see it in about 4 month, this is the suggested arrival for this device.