• RapidWeaver as an website editor tool

    About two month ago I bought the MacHeist Nano Bundle 2. I noticed the included RapidWeaver, but it was not the reason I bought that bundle, so I left it aside.

    Meanwhile I develop an iPhone game and wanted to setup a website for it. At this point I stumbled upon RapidWeaver and I must say, I love it. There are so much possibilities and tons of themes and plugins. And it’s so easy to create great looking sites for the web. Thats much better then hacking your code for a website in a simple editor or even eclipse.

  • Perian – Video Codecs for the Mac

    I recently bought an iMac and as I use it I love it more and more. I learn a lot of new stuff that I also want to share with you. So I will start a new Category that is called MACHELP. Get ready for the first tip.

    I have a lot of home videos I filmed with my Digital Hi8 camcorder and after editing I encoded most videos in xVid. So I wanted to watch those videos on my new iMac. Apparently there is no out of the box playing that kind of videos on a Mac, so I had to search for something I also knew from the PC-World. I needed a codec pack for video and audio to playback.

    And I didn’t had to search long, I found one Codec Pack that fits my needs on the official Apple site. It is called Perian, it’s free and it works quite well.


    So if you have any probelms with video or audio playback try Perian. If you know another one, feel free to post a comment.