Java FX — it is geared to make it easier to build rich web apps with the Java way and make them look like desktop applications — is ready to compete against Adobe Systems’ Flash and Microsoft’s Silverlight software, if you ask Sun.

Java is already used on the servers that power many Internet sites and on the devices people use to tap into those systems, and businesses need that connection. But on the client side it is slow and hard to write code for small and handy web apps.¬† Especially for webdesigners it just takes such a long time — it requires professional coding techniques and a very deep understanding.

On Suns opinion this shall change with the new Java FX. Programs run using standard Java software, but it employs a scripting language to try to make writing Java applications easier. That approach¬† is going to bring Java FX to creative professionals, maybe. Sure it’s now no longer the only domain of object-oriented programmers.

If Java FX will really be much faster than the old Java applets and features like drag and drop a Java FX app on the desktop, it can stand a chance in the rich internet applications world today.