Yesterday I read the answer from Twitterific Craig Hockenberry on the question „How much does it cost to develop an iPhone application?“. This made me think of our developing costs for YellowThing Sprachtrainer.

Here is our situation:
We are two developers, both of us were new to Objective-C and we are developing in our free time. So we started our first run on iPhone back in February by testing all developer tools and learning the basics from Objective-C. After we got that basic understanding, we started with our real App „YellowThing Sprachtrainer“ on the end of March and got the first version finished in late July. All the time each of us worked about 30 hours a month on developing, designing and testing.
So our final hours on the first App for the iPhone are about 60h for both through 5 and a half month. This sums up for 330 hours of work for that project. The rest of the time we were busy on founding the company and registering with the Apple developer program. So far we had no client work, so I can’t calculate with the price for that. But if I underly the price on $120 per hour as a mid practiced Objective-C developer, the bill would be 330h * $120 makes $39,600. And that does not include the cost for all the drawings and the speaker. This would be another 50 hours * $120, counting in at $6000.
So I come to a cost for that iPhone App at about $45,600. Nothing less.